Sunday, 20 March 2011

Me,Myself and I

Hello my dear frenz, let me introduce myself....

My name is Farhana, but call me Qio (Kyoko), a name i got from my japanese parents (Okasan @ Akiko Nishikawa). I am attractive, friendly girl, I enjoy reading, movies and music especially Pop and Jazz. Sometimes, I willing to help others but I'm shy though,,So, I wish if I can be on Disney or Nickelodeon channel maybe I can train myself and I hope everybody has the right to worth a try!! Even is not good but we still tried....I hope really can be on it,what a funny dream,,huhu (^.^)

I'm taken Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) at UiTM  Kampus Bandaraya Melaka,we usually call it KBM, it's my first step to know about Melaka, Culture and Environment..So far, all can be accepted....huhu xp

Well, let's move on with my family. I have 2 awesome parents, 2 big bro and 1 handsome lil bro. I really lurve my lil bro because he is such gud boy and my supporter. I had past experienced, wishes my lil bro is not my lil bro but as my lover. After my parents found about it, they separate our bedroom instantly. Whatever it is, he's still my lil bro which I can be pretend to be his lover. 

p/s: sowi,,x dpt nk show family portrait coz x igt simpan kat mane dah,,huhu xp

My Adorable ABAH!!

My Lovely MAMA!! ^.^;

 I Lurve u AFIF, u are great3x lil bro I ever had (*_^)<3.

As u know,life lesson is the most interesting event or moment is when we discover self and the pleasure of sharing that self with others...(^_^) v

-QioKoCa- (n_n*)